Will Baby Bottle Nipples I Already Have Work with Drink, Mommy!?

Since early in the 20th Century a 1.25-inch opening has been the baby bottle standard. Yes, there are wider and specialty bottles available, but any standard 1.25-inch baby bottle nipple assembly will work with Drink, Mommy! adapters. Likewise, the nipple assembly in the Drink, Mommy! Drink-on-the-Go Kit is interchangeable with your own nipple assemblies of this diameter.


Sterilize the adapters, nipple and ring before use. One method is to bring water to a rapid boil and submerge products for from 30 seconds to two minutes and remove promptly. After that, just throw them in the dishwasher as needed.

Infants and Hydration

Please consult with your pediatrician or with organizations such as the La Leche League to make sure you understand proper hydration for infants.

Large Orders

If you would like to purchase Drink, Mommy! Drink-on-the-Go Kits in bulk for your church or civic group (i.e. for a 72-hour emergency kit project to get a group of people in line with FEMA's suggestions for emergency preparedness), or if you would like to carry Drink, Mommy! in your store, please send an email to sales@drinkmommy.com. We also have the ability to bring in baby bottles, sipper cups and other infant/toddler care products at great prices under the Drink, Mommy! label or under your private label.

Home Business Opportunity

THIS IS NOT MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING: We have found that parents are curious when they see Drink, Mommy! adapters being used by kids at the park and elsewhere out and about. With a little preparation by you and approval from us, we will sell you Drink, Mommy! Drink-on-the-Go Kits at the wholesale price and you can make extra cash for your household while doing the things you normally do during each day. We don't require any fees, just proof that you have met local requirements for doing business. Sounds interesting? Email us at sales@drinkmommy.com to learn more.

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